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Lotteries can be played in many ways. Amongst the two most popular ways to bet on lottery games are syndicates and bundles. If you are new to gambling on lotteries, the surplus of different options may seem alien to you. Fortunately, with a little bit of reading, you can soon understand what each type of betting option brings to the table. Moreover, you can learn how syndicates and bundle lottery game play can enhance your experience and chances of winning. This guide covers both topics in-depth.

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What is a Syndicate?

A syndicate, as you are probably aware, is a group of people who decide to get together and pool their resources. When it comes to lottery syndicates, the concept works in much the same way. A group of players will pool their money and buy many tickets as a group. Naturally, a member of a syndicate with a winning ticket then shares any winnings they acquire with those other syndicate members. In this way, you stand a higher chance of winning together, which is offset by landing shared (smaller) prizes.

How do Syndicates Work?

Most lottery syndicates work in the same way. A group of interested parties all decide that they wish to play the lottery. Together, a syndicate leader is nominated, and this is the person who organises everything. Everybody pays in their share (the cost of a ticket) to the syndicate leader, who then goes out and buys the tickets. The syndicate leader keeps tabs on the results and then claims the winnings. They will then share the spoils evenly with everybody who put money into the syndicate.

Of course, to participate in a syndicate, you need to ensure that you pay in your fair share every time there is a new draw. The alternative is running the risk that your syndicate members will not share their prize with you if you miss out on a payment.

Can I Play in Lottery Syndicates Online?

You might think that syndicates only really work if you are playing with friends, colleagues, or family members. You would be wrong, though. On the contrary, it is possible to play in lottery syndicates online. In most cases, this is much less hassle, and you will often play with different people each week. This can often be more advantageous than playing with friends.

Example Powerball Syndicate
An Example Syndicate Entry for The US Powerball at Lottoland.

When you play in an online lottery syndicate, the lottery website will take charge of assigning you to a syndicate with other people at random. You will never meet those people, but you will all be in it together. Moreover, the lottery betting site acts as an arbitrator, so they will divide up any winnings fairly amongst each player. You will not run the risk that a renegade syndicate leader claims the money for themselves.

In most cases, online lottery websites will advertise syndicate services if they offer them. These services are free to join. However, you should always read the rules of each syndicate, before you decide to pool your money with theirs, as these can vary from site to site.

What is a Bundle?

A bundle is a concept which you can only really find at online lottery websites. Very few land-based lottery groups offer such a service. If you think that this sounds intriguing, that is because it is. But what is a bundle?

A bundle provides you with a package deal (a bundle). Each bundle will contain tickets to a lottery (perhaps several of them), as well as tickets to syndicated games. In a manner, you will have your own lottery tickets, so if you win, the winnings are yours to keep. At the same time, you will also increase your chances of success by being a part of a syndicate.

How Do Bundles Work?

Of course, you can sort out your own bundles, but that requires a fair bit of thinking and a lot of work. Instead, many top online lottery ticket betting websites have pre-packaged bundles up for grabs, and you do not really need to do much more than purchase them.

It is important to note that many people who construct their own bundles do so because they want to pick their own numbers. In most pre-packaged bundles at lottery websites, a bundle will consist of Quick Pick tickets. These lucky dip lotto tickets will have numbers chosen at random. If that does not bother you, then bundles could be ideal.

A typical bundle will offer you a series of personal lottery tickets at a discounted price. On top of that, they will serve up tickets to several syndicates. Some bundles cost hundreds of dollars and provide hundreds of tickets. Others are more specialised for a single week or monthly gameplay. Either way, anything you win with personalised entries is yours to keep. Anything won with a syndicated ticket is shared amongst those other players in the same syndicate.

Should I Play with a Syndicate or Buy Bundles Online?

It is up to you, of course, how you wish to place bets online. Playing with a syndicate certainly has its appeal. After all, you do massively increase your odds of success, at the cost of winning smaller prizes. By contrast, bundles allow you to play in both syndicates and have your own personal tickets at the same time. If you are interested in playing with both options, a bundle is a way to go.

Players who are interested in saving a dollar or two will also like what bundles have to offer. However, both services are ideally suited to players who want to play lottery games online regularly. If you are the type of player who only has a flutter every once in a blue moon, or who prefers to play with their own numbers, it is likely that syndicates and bundles will not sound too appealing.

For those players who do not mind sharing their spoils and want to be in it to win it for the long-term, bundles and syndicates are unquestionably worth considering and can be found as standard on sites like Lottoland.

Frequently Asked Questions

A lottery syndicate is a group of friends or players which buy lottery tickets together. If everyone contributes to the cost of tickets, groups of people can buy more than they would be able to on their own. In turn, this gives players a better chance of winning.

If a syndicate is succesful and wins the lottery, they share the jackpot winnings between them.

A lottery bundle is something which is only really seen in the world of online lotto. A bundle consists of your own personal tickets but also some entries into a syndicate. In essence you get the best of both worlds – more potential winnings with the solo tickets, and more chance of winning with the syndicated tickets.

Nearly all online lottery sites allow you to play as a syndicate. Unlike buying tickets in person, there’s no need for you to know the other members of your syndicate. You are randomly put together by the lottery site. Online lotto sites like Lottoland and The Lotter allow you to play in a syndicate group.