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Your Complete Guide to the Best Online Lottery in India


Welcome to best online lottery, a website put together to help Indians play the biggest and most famous lotteries from around the world. Read on if you want to:

  • Play for the biggest jackpots around the world
  • Register at the best online lottery sites
  • Find out how to buy an online lottery ticket
  • Get the best welcome offers
  • Find out why it's completely legal to play online lotto
  • Get all the latest lotto news and tips

The World is your Playground

With online lottery websites now very much a real thing, players across the globe have a chance to participate in a staggering variety of games. You may have a decent handle on how your local Indian lotto works. However, what if you want to play one of the major worldwide lotteries which aren’t usually available in your area? Learning where and how to play them is crucial. Fortunately, on, we will guide you through the most important details and get you up to speed.

What Are International Lotteries?

International lotteries are essentially any lottery game which is not made available to players in your home country by default. For instance, the Euro Millions would constitute an international lottery for American players, just as the Powerball Lotto would be an international lottery for players based in India.

These lottery games get the name “international” lotteries as they do, theoretically, permit players from outside their countries to play. How does this work? The way that this works is simpler to grasp than it initially sounds.

How do they work?

International lotteries work in much the same way as most other online lotteries that you might be familiar with. Sure, there are some variations regarding the number of balls selected on a ticket, how many bonus balls are used, the types of side-games or bets you can place, the cost of tickets, and the number of balls used in a draw. However, by and large, most lotteries are played in the same way.

Before playing any international lottery, you are advised to read up on how each game is played. You will not be able to purchase a ticket which is incorrect, so you will not usually have to worry about picking too few numbers, or anything like that.

To play international lottery games online, you need to head to a lottery site or a lottery ticket agent. These websites allow foreign players to play lotteries not traditionally open to them. After creating an account and loading funds onto the account, you can select which lottery you wish to play. After setting up your ticket, you then need to buy them. An agent (representative of the website) will then go and buy the physical ticket at a retailer and upload it to your account as proof.

The Cost of International Lotteries

The amount you are likely to pay to play international lotteries will be a touch higher than you would ordinarily pay if you visited a land-based ticket seller. The main reason for this is that you are paying an agent to go out and buy your physical ticket for you, and of course, the lottery betting site wants to make a small profit. We are not talking extensive sums here, but if a ticket traditionally costs ₹76, then you can expect to pay anything from ₹114 up to ₹152 a ticket instead.

There are two ways for you to purchase tickets to an international lottery. The first is to load up your account at the relevant website with funds. This is the e-wallet method, and any tickets you buy are directly deducted from this balance. Similarly, anything you win is put into this e-wallet. Alternatively, you can buy a ticket straight up with your credit card or debit card at the checkout. This method is not as ideal, as you will still receive your winnings via the e-wallet option. Uploading funds to your account is known as a subscription.

Claiming Your Winnings

Should you find that you have landed a decent win (or any win at all for that matter), you are going to want to receive your winnings. Each international lottery betting website has its own rules regarding how they go about doing this, and you are going to want to know what they are before you decide to play. It's also worth checking out our article titled... What if I win the lottery? in case your numbers are drawn out!

Some international lotteries pay out your winnings in one lump sum. Other lotteries choose to make annuity payments to players, which tend to increase in size each time. However, lottery betting sites also have that choice to make. They, too, can opt for an annuity or lump sums. It could be that either the lottery or the betting site differs on how they go about it. This is always worth checking in advance.

Anything Else I Need to Know?

There are one or two other things which are worth noting about international lotteries. For starters, you may be liable to pay tax on your winnings, even if you are living in a country which does not tax lottery winnings. The main reason for this is that some international lotteries tax all winnings at the source. For instance, if you win the Mega Millions, you are liable to pay US tax, even if you do not live there. Most lotteries pay out their prizes in tax-free cash, though. With that said, you may still be liable for tax if your own country of residence has a gambling tax or considers revenue from gambling an income.

Players may also be required to do a spot of publicity for international lotteries or the sites which offer those games. This, too, can vary from lotto to lotto and site to site. If you don’t want to be caught out in either of these areas, you are advised to check the terms and conditions of both the international lottery game you wish to play, as well as the international lottery betting sites that you intend to play at.

Worldwide Lottery

Before we get on to where and how you should play, let's get into why you should play online lottery. What's wrong with buying lottery tickets in your local shop? There's absolutely nothing wrong with it. Traditional state lotteries have been around for a long time in India and they are considered part of the fabric that knits some of the states together. But we think choosing to play online via your phone or tablet offers a number of benefits.

Why Choose to Play Online

It's no secret that we are passionate about playing online, rather than in a more traditional way. That's not to say that we don't recognise the pros and cons that come with both methods of playing. We believe if you're serious about it, then the 4 following reasons are enough to make you play online, if you aren't already.

Variety - Rather than being restricted to your local Indian State Lottery, international agents give you the opportunity to buy tickets for a huge variety of lotteries from around the world. You can buy lottery tickets online in world famous draws like the Mega Millions and Powerball, but also in lesser known and more obscure lottos from Europe and beyond. Select your numbers in the Austrian Lotto or maybe the Mega Sena from Brazil is more to your liking.

Bigger Jackpots - By choosing to play online lottery from India, you are giving yourself the chance to play for HUGE jackpots. Don't get us wrong, the Indian State Lotteries change people's lives every week, but by choosing to play International, you are giving yourself the chance to become a crorepati. The jackpots at some of the big name draws can reach up to 10,000 crores!

Speed - Everything about the process of playing online is much quicker, and therefore easier. You can do everything from the comfort of your own home on your mobile phone. Fast sign-up process, fast ticket-purchasing and fast withdrawals.

Reliable - The lotto agents we recommend on this site are all reliable and trustworthy operators. They all hold current and well-respected lotto licenses which enable them to provide the service they do. If they step out of line they will have to answer to their gaming license provider, and could potentially lose their license.

Choosing a Lotto Site to Play from in India

First things first, you need to choose a site to buy your lottery tickets at. Let's take a look at the sites available to Indian customers. It's worth noting that we've reviewed many lotto agent sites which didn't make it on to our website. So rest assured, any site you do read about on here is secure, trustworthy and a great option for anyone.

When it comes to choosing a site to buy your international lottery tickets at, there are many things to consider. Can I buy tickets from India? Can I trust them to pay lotto jackpot winnings in full? Do they offer the lotteries I want to play? How can I deposit money to the online lottery site? The list of questions goes on.

Look no further than best online lottery, we'll answer all of these questions and more for the biggest international lottery sites across the globe. Simply head over to our site review section to find all the information you need. For now though, here is our top 5:

  1. Lottoland
  2. Lotto Agent
  3. Lott0247
  4. PlayHugeLottos
  5. The Lotter
5.0 rating
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Lotto Agent
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Play Huge Lottos
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How do they work?

This is an important question that we get asked a lot by our readers. Before you choose to play online it's worth understanding the subtle differences between online vs offline, but also the different types of online lotto site. Now, lottery sites can basically be categorised into two different groups; lottery agents which sell you tickets, and lottery sites where you bet on the outcome of the lottery draw. The experience you get as a player is nearly identical at both, however there can be some benefits of one over the other.

Lotto Agents

Nearly all the sites you will find on the market are agents, and act as a platform for you to be able to buy international lottery tickets online from India. They are essentially a middle man who enables someone in Hyderabad to buy a ticket for the US Powerball. You choose your numbers on their website and they will buy a Powerball ticket (with your requested numbers) from their purchasing office in the USA. The ticket will be in their name, so any winnings will be paid to them. They then transfer the funds to your account. Some of the most popular agents of this type are Lotto247 and The Lotter.

Betting on the Draw

This method of playing online lottery was quite pioneering at the time of its inception and has been hugely successful for one giant of the industry. Lottoland are different to most other sites because you don't purchase tickets from them, you bet on the outcome of the lottery with them. From the users perspective, nothing really changes, you still choose your ticket numbers but you are given a Lottoland ticket rather than an official lottery ticket.

If you win, you are paid out directly by Lottoland rather than the official lottery you are playing on. Let's not forget that at no point have we or Lottoland dealt with the official lottery. We are simply using Lottoland as a bookmaker to place a bet on the outcome of an event; the lottery draw.

Six Step Guide to Buying Lottery Tickets Online

The process of playing online lottery in India has never been safer, easier and more exciting. That's partly down to the fact that you can buy online lottery tickets in India in the same amount of time it takes to make a coffee. Grab your mobile phone and read on.

If you want to buy online lottery tickets in India then follow these six simple steps:

  1. Register

    Browse our review pages and then choose your preferred online lottery site. Register as a new customer.

  2. Deposit

    Make a real money deposit using your favourite and most trusted banking method.

  3. Choose your lottery

    Online lottery sites will have a wide variety of games for you to play from all over the world – lotteries like Powerball from the US, Euromillions from Europe or El Gordo from Spain. Choose the game you want to play.

  4. Buy your lottery ticket online

    Select the number of  lottery tickets you wish to buy and pick your numbers. If you prefer not to pick your own numbers, or simply don't have time, then select the random option.

  5. Subscription or Multi-draw

    This is the part where you really get a benefit from choosing to buy lottery tickets online. Instead of walking down to your local lotto shop every week you can choose to buy the same ticket for a designated period of time. For example, you could choose to buy the same ticket with your lucky numbers in every draw for the next 2 years. This is known as a subscription. Multi-draw is very similar but with this option you select a number of draws to participate in, say the next 20 for example. Both options can be paid for up front or by direct debit.

  6. Find out if you won!

    This is the exciting and potentially life changing part! Your ticket has been bought, you have your numbers and you're ready to watch the lottery draw. Most of the time you can watch the draw live online, if not you lotto agent will inform you by email if you've won or not.

Of course once you've been through this process once, it's not necessary every time. If you're happy with your subscription then sit back and relax. But if you think variety is the spice of life, like we do, then try out different lotto agents or different international lottery games.

Most Popular Online Lottery Games
Price per line: ₹300
Minimum jackpot: ₹287 Crores
Record jackpot: ₹11,200 Crores
Probability of winning: 1:25
Draw: Thursdays & Sundays at 08:30 (IST)
Price per line: ₹240
Minimum jackpot: ₹139 Crores
Record jackpot: ₹1,555 Crores
Probability of winning: 1:23
Draw: Wednesday & Saturday at 00:50 (IST)
Price per line: ₹300
Minimum jackpot: ₹287 Crores
Record jackpot: ₹10,900 Crores
Probability of winning: 1:24
Draw: Wednesdays & Saturdays at 08:30 (IST)
Price per line: ₹165
Minimum jackpot: ₹10 Crores
Record jackpot: ₹111 Crores
Probability of winning: 1:16
Draw: Tuesdays at 16:10 (IST)

Top 5 International Jackpot Games in 2020

There are some huge names in the world of International Lottery, and every year they are adapted in various ways. Maybe a new multiplier game, maybe a change in ticket pricing or maybe an increase in the average size of the jackpot. We are constantly reviewing all the elements of each lottery and for 2020 we are giving you our Top 5 lottery games you should be playing.

1. The Euro Millions

The Euro Millions is Europe's biggest lotto export and features fifty numbered balls and twelve Lucky Stars. Euro Millions players must choose five main numbers (from 1-50) and two Lucky Stars (from 1-12). Alternatively, you can opt to have the numbers and Lucky Stars drawn at random for you. EuromillionsThis combination forms a line, and players can purchase multiple lines. Tickets typically cost approximately ₹200 a line.

The Euro Millions draw takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays at 21:00 CET (remember this is 3.5 hours behind India). Five numbers and two Lucky Stars are drawn to comprise the winning numbers. To win the jackpot, you will need to match all seven of these numbers on your ticket. Other prizes will vary, depending on the size of the prize pool in play. Matching five numbers and a Lucky Star will give you ₹10 to ₹16 million as a prize. Matching just two numbers (without the Lucky Star) typically pays ₹175, or thereabouts.


2. Italy’s Super Enalotto

Italy’s main lottery game, the SuperEnalotto requires players to choose a total of six numbers, numbering from 1 to 90. On top of that, players can choose to play with the Super Star option (at an added cost of ₹40). This gives you a chance to win bigger prizes.That Super Star also has a value of 1 to 90. Tickets cost ₹80. The other prizes vary (according to the jackpot), with the lowest paying combination being the SuperStar on its own, which results in a ₹400 cash prize. SuperEnaLotto

The Super Enalotto draws take place at 23:30 IST on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. To win the top jackpot, players need to match all six numbers drawn from the machine. Matching the Super Star can magnify all prizes save for top-tier jackpot wins. Super Enalotto jackpots are guaranteed to be worth ₹160 million. You can play the Super Enalotto at the vast majority of online ticket sites like The Lotter and Lottoland.

3. The UK National Lottery

The UK’s National Lottery game has more favourable odds on landing a win than any of the other lotteries featured here, with a 1 in 9.3 chance of some sort of success. Players will pick six numbers (ranging from 1-59). Alternatively, they can have their selection chosen at random. As many as seven lines of numbers can be played on a slip, and up to 10 slips can be bought at any one time.

Tickets cost ₹160. Draws for the National Lottery take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Players need to specify which draw their ticket is for (or both), as well as the number of weeks they wish to play those numbers. In the draw, a total of six numbers are drawn. However, a Bonus Ball will also be selected (ranging from 1 to 59).

To win the UK jackpot, players need to match all six numbers. Matching five of them and the bonus ball will result in a consolation win instead. However, that is still worth a guaranteed ₹40,000,000. Players can win ₹165,000 for five numbers, ₹13,000 for four numbers, ₹2,800 for three numbers, and a free randomly chosen ticket by matching just two numbers.


4. The US Mega Millions

The second-largest multi-state lottery in the USA, the Mega Millions has a guaranteed jackpot which starts at ₹280 Crores. It increases by ₹35 Crores every time there is a rollover. Players must select five numbers (ranging from 1 to 70), as well as a Mega Ball number from 1 to 25. Tickets cost ₹160. Some states also allow players to purchase a Megaplier (₹80 extra). This Megaplier can multiply any prize you win (save for the jackpot) by 2x or 5x the value. Players can also select a Quick Pick ticket (random ticket) if they prefer.

Mega Millions

Draws take place on Tuesdays and Fridays at 11 pm EST. Five numbers are chosen from one machine, with the Mega Ball selected from another. A final number (ranging from 2 to 5) is drawn to determine the value of the Megaplier. To win the top Mega Millions prize, players need to match all five numbers plus the Mega Ball. Matching all five without it, results in a ₹7 Crores cash prize, potentially with the Megaplier if that option was selected. 

Other prizes (which can be subject to Megapliers) include ₹765,000 for four numbers plus the Mega Ball, ₹38,000 for just four numbers, ₹15,000 and ₹765 cash prizes for three numbers (with and without the Mega Ball), ₹1,600 for two numbers with the Mega Ball, and ₹320 and ₹160 cash prizes for one number with the Mega Ball, and just the Mega Ball, respectively.

5. The US Powerball Lotto

The best-paying lottery in the world, the US Powerball is a game many want to play. This multi-state US lotto requires you to pick a total of six numbers. You will get to choose five numbers (from 1 to 69) and a Powerball number from 1 to 26. Each ticket costs ₹160. A Power Play feature may be added (at a cost of ₹80), and it can multiply all non-jackpot winnings by anything from two to ten times their value. 

Draws take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 11 pm EST. A total of five numbers are drawn, as well as one Powerball. The Power Play multiplier is decided at random. Jackpots start at a guaranteed ₹280 Crores and grow by ₹70 Crores with each rollover. To win the top Powerball prize, players need to match all five numbers and the Powerball.Powerball

Other prizes can be multiplied with a Power Play ticket. They include $1 million for five numbers, ₹3,800,000 for four numbers and the Powerball, and ₹7,500 for four numbers, or three numbers and the Powerball. Prizes then drop to ₹560 for three numbers or two plus the Powerball, and ₹320 for one number and the Powerball or just the Powerball on its own. None of the prizes displayed here includes the Power Play multiplier, which could ramp up wins by anything from 2x up to 10x the value.


Recent Articles

Is Lottery Legal in India?

It's a good question and obviously a very important one that needs answering before we buy a ticket. Firstly, we need to be sure to separate offline lottery and online lottery because they are both governed by different regulations. Let's touch on offline first.

In 2015, 13 of India's states implemented new regulations to ensure that government offline lotteries could take place without breaking the law. Some of the more famous draws include; the Kerala State Lottery, the Punjab State Lottery and the Sikkim State Lottery. A full list of states can be seen below:

Indian State Lotteries

  • Arunachal Pradesh
  • Assam
  • Goa
  • Kerala
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Maharashtra
  • Manipur
  • Meghalaya
  • Mizoram
  • Nagaland
  • Punjab
  • Sikkim
  • West Bengal

If you live in any of the above states then you are free to participate in their monthly, weekly or bumper lottery draws by purchasing tickets offline. However, we are more interested in finding out if online lottery in India is legal or not.

Legal Online Lottery in India

When it comes to the legality of online lottery in India, there's no need to worry about which state you live in. International lottery sites are setup and run in a way which means they're not regulated by Indian law. So it's fair to say that any of us can play without any worries. Of course you won't be able to buy Indian State Lottery tickets online, but you can buy international tickets online as long as you do so via a licensed agent like Lottoland or Lotto247.

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