Are Online Lotteries Legal?

Like any internet gambling game, you may be wondering if online lotteries are legal? While many countries across the globe have quite strict rules and regulations regarding online gambling games, many of them take a much more relaxed approach to lotteries, and even online based lottos. It is still crucial that you make sure that you understand what you are permitted to play where you live, though. In this lotto betting guide, we will look at the legality of online lotteries.

What Are Online Lottos?

Online lotteries, as their name implies, are lottery-based games which can be played from the comfort of your own home. You can purchase your lotto tickets online, so you do not have to leave your house and nip down to the local shop or lottery ticket outlet. In many cases, these games are the same lotteries that are played across the world and have prizes worth many millions of dollars. Famous games like the EuroMillions, the Mega Millions and Powerball are all online lotteries which can all be played from your home.

Can I Play Lotteries From Other Countries?

We have already mentioned that with online lotteries, you do not have to pop down to the shops to get your tickets to the game. However, what we have not mentioned is that you do not even need to reside in a specific country to play these games.

Lottery ticket websites now allow players across the globe to participate in all manner of international lotteries. This means that someone living in India can play the UK National Lottery. Someone in China can be played the US Powerball, and someone living in the United States can play the EuroMillions. Most major lotteries do not have rules prohibiting their games to players in other countries. You do not have to be a resident or citizen of a country to play.

Whether international lotteries are legal in your country depends greatly on where you reside. They are always legal in the country they operate in, but what about other nations? For instance, would the EuroMillions be legal to play for people residing in India?

Unless your country has specific laws, which prohibit you from playing at offshore betting sites, then gambling on foreign lotteries will either be legal or fall into a grey-zone. 

In most cases across the world, the general rule with grey-zones is that unless something has been made illegal, you cannot be prosecuted for enjoying it, even if the government has not specifically stated that it is legal. This applies to international lotteries.

So, is the EuroMillions legal to play for people in India? Yes. Indian has gambling laws which state that lotteries are legal. They also say that Indian sites cannot offer gambling games to Indians unless they are licensed. There is no such law preventing foreign sites (such as lottery betting sites) from doing so. Betting on international lotteries, therefore, falls into that grey-zone mentioned above, and is not illegal.

You may also be wondering if it is legal for international betting sites to offer lotteries? To seek this answer, you need to check out the credentials of the site that you are playing at. This will often be displayed boldly on the lobby or homepage.

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If your chosen international lottery betting site holds an i-gaming license, then you can rest assured that it is acting legally. The most-prized gambling licenses are those issued by the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority or out of Gibraltar. Any lottery betting site which does not have a gambling license is a cause for concern. But rest assured, any brand featured on this site can be considered completely above board and can be trusted. The biggest names like Lottoland and Lotto247 are well-known for being fair and lawful.

For the sake of argument, any local (or national) lottery you are playing from within your own country is almost guaranteed to be legal and endorsed by the government of the country you are living in.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

You will also want to keep an eye on a couple of other things, in terms of whether an online lottery or lottery betting site is legal. Any website you play at should, for instance, practice responsible gaming and have policies which represent that.

A lottery betting site which believes in responsible gaming will allow you to set deposit limits set wagering limits, and have a proven track record with paying out players who win. The latter can be checked via reviews if you cannot find another way to discover this information.

A fair lottery betting site will also ensure that its players are not charges fees to deposit or withdraw. You will naturally end up paying a touch more for tickets than you would if you went to a retailer, but you should not be hit with banking fees. Moreover, anything you win should be paid out in a timely fashion, and there should not be limits on how much you can cash out.

As for the lotteries themselves, one of the first things you need to check is whether the operators of the lottery are licensed to do so. The permission to offer lottery games often stems from the gambling authority of the country the lottery is based in. The France Lotto is, for instance, licensed by the FDJ (Française des Jeux), while the UK National Lottery falls under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). You will note that both these lotteries are licensed by their respective authorities, thus making them legal.

Should I Play Lotteries Online?

Provided you end up playing at a licensing and legal betting site, which offers you access to fair lotteries, playing lottos online is recommended. It is far easier than going down to your local shop. Moreover, you will gain access to a variety of worldwide lotteries you could not ordinarily play. Again, everything comes down to licensing and legality. If you are in a country where the gambling laws are flexible enough that online lotteries are legal or at least in a grey-zone, feel free to go nuts.

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