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If you are thinking of playing lotteries online, you will notice that you are given substantially more options than when you visit a betting outlet on the street, such as a corner shop or supermarket. Some of these additional options you get are subscriptions and multi-draws. Sure, some land-based venues offer similar services, but they are seldom as extensive as they can be when you bet online.

If you are wondering how they work and how you can get involved, you have come to the right place. Here is our guide to online lottery subscriptions and multi-draws.

What is a Lottery Subscription?

Most players will not have much trouble grasping the concept of a subscription. After all, we use subscriptions for almost everything online these days. Lottery subscriptions work in a similar fashion. The basic idea behind a lottery subscription is that you can upload funds to an online wallet, like an e-wallet, but one which is solely for use at the betting site. Then, when you decide to buy tickets to online lotteries, the cost will come directly out of this wallet, as opposed to seeing your credit or debit card charged each time.

How do they Work?

Before a lottery subscription can kick into gear, a player must open an account with a ticket-selling site. Naturally, there are many to choose from. With an account, you can upload funds directly, using any of the payment methods supported at the website. Those funds should land instantly in your account and can then be used to purchase lottery tickets.

Whenever you buy a new ticket, the amount will be deducted from your wallet’s balance. Similarly, when you win, the winning amount will be added to the balance of your wallet and can either be withdrawn or used to purchase more tickets.

A handful of lottery betting websites do offer a variety of other subscription methods. These may include the right to purchase tickets to several lotteries on a regular basis, or to have tickets purchased for you on dates predetermined by you. Some lottery subscriptions even charge your card regularly when you tell them, too, much like other subscriptions. However, we would refrain from using these options. It is far more advantageous to keep closer tabs on what you deposit and when.

What is a Multi-Draw?

Multi-Draws are great ways to acquire tickets to your favourite lottery jackpot games regularly and are most handy when you want to play the same numbers week in, week out, draw after draw. With a Multi-Draw option selected, you can charge up your wallet (via your subscription), and purchase tickets to several lottery draws in succession. This will save you the trouble of having to go through the numbers one by one each week.

What exactly are they?

Multi-Draws work in a similar fashion to playing consecutive weeks at a land-based lottery venue. When you physically purchase a ticket yourself, you will be asked if you want to play just the single draw (the next draw), a couple of draws, or for an entire month. Multi-Draw options at online betting sites work the same way, although they give you more options.

Most internet lotto betting sites will provide you with several different options for Multi-Draws. There will often be a series of fixed draws that you can opt to go with, and there may even be a customisation option. For instance, if you want to play for the next 16 draws instead of the next draw, week, or month of draws, you can select that.

Players must be specific here and state whether they wish to play with the same numbers or opt for Quick Picks (random tickets) to each draw. Multi-Draws are most popular amongst players who play the same numbers each week. Once you have decided how long you wish to play the lottery for, you will then be charged for those tickets in advance. Yes, this means that if you buy tickets for 17 draws, you will be charged for that. On the upside, you now have tickets for every single one of those draws and will not be required to purchase new tickets until that final draw has taken place.

The Pros and Cons

Players are not required to sign up to subscriptions, nor are they urged to play Multi-Draws. These are options which are entirely down to you. Most lottery betting websites will have a wallet option where you can subscribe, make a deposit, and use those funds to purchase tickets. However, many will also allow you to buy a single ticket with your card if you see fit.

There are pros and cons to both, so let us have a look at them…



  • Allows you to purchase multiple tickets in advance
  • You do not need to enter your card details as regularly
  • Ideal for players who want to participate in Multi-Draw


  • Some sites require you to deposit more than the cost of a single ticket
  • Riskier to lose track of how much you have put in



  • Allows you to pre-purchase tickets to several draws ahead of time
  • You do not need to remember to snap up tickets at the last minute
  • You can play the same numbers, or purchase Quick Picks


  • Once tickets are purchased, they cannot be cancelled
  • Difficult to implement if you are playing in syndicates

Should I Play Multi-Draws and Get a Subscription?

As with everything related to online gambling, whether you participate in Multi-Draws and opt for a subscription is down to you. However, if you are sure that you want to play the lottery long-term (at least over several draws), then opting for a subscription is ideal, as you only need to deposit once. Similarly, if you want to play the same numbers, week in and week out, then choosing to purchase those tickets all at once with Multi-Draw options is unquestionably the way to go.

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