International Lottery Laws in India

All you need to know about the legal side of playing international lotteries.

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Legal Issues surrounding Online Lottery

Whether international lotteries are legal in your country depends greatly on where you reside. They are always legal in the country they operate in, but what about other nations? For instance, would the EuroMillions be legal to play for people residing in India?

Unless your country has specific laws, which prohibit you from playing at offshore betting sites, then gambling on foreign lotteries will either be legal or fall into a grey-zone. 

In most cases across the world, the general rule with grey-zones is that unless something has been made illegal, you cannot be prosecuted for enjoying it, even if the government has not specifically stated that it is legal. This applies to international lotteries.

So, is the EuroMillions legal to play for people in India? Yes. Indian has gambling laws which state that lotteries are legal. They also say that Indian sites cannot offer gambling games to Indians unless they are licensed. There is no such law preventing foreign sites (such as lottery betting sites) from doing so. Betting on international lotteries, therefore, falls into that grey-zone mentioned above, and is not illegal.